• Anugerah Belia Perak 2011
    Anugerah Belia Perak 2011 Sharifah Khasif - Anugerah Belia Perak 2011
  • Champion of International Al-Quran Reciters’ Assembly 2009
    johan antarabangsa 2009 sharifah khasif-tilawah antarabangsa 2009 Johan Qariah antarabangsa 2009
  • Champion of National Al-Quran Reciters’ Assembly 2009
    Johan-Sharifah Khasif Johan kebangsaan 2009
  • Champion of National Al-Quran Reciters’ Assembly 2008
    Johan kebangsaan 2008
  • Champion of State Quran Competitions 2000-2008 (9 consecutive years)


  • Award “Nuzul Al-Quran National Youth Icon 1994”
  • Award “Nuzul Al-Quran Universiti Tenaga Nasional Icon 2007”
  • Award “Ma’al Hijrah Youth Icon, RTM  2004, 2005 & 2006”

Sharifah Khasif Fadzilah
International Qari’ah, TV personality, Da’ie

IMG_4395Sharifah Khasif Fadzilah binti Syed Mohd Badiuzzaman Al Yahya is a world-renowned Qari’ah (female reciter of Al Qur’an). Born in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia on the 5th of August, 1982, she is the daughter of Syed Mohd Badiuzzaman and Zauyah Ahmad. She completed her studies of the art of tilawah and tajwid with her father, a descendant of Yemen and a well-known Qari in her hometown. Sharifah Khasif focused on Al Qur’an at the young age of 4-years old and had completed the reading of 30 juzu’ of the holy Quran at the tender age of 5.

Sharifah Khasif, a Bachelor holder in Finance of Tenaga Nasional University, Malaysia (UNITEN), won first place (Qari’ah) in the International Qur’an Reciters’ Assembly Competition in 2009. She became a celebrity reciter as her voice began to draw listeners. Sharifah has recited Al-Qur’an at the King’s palace, official national functions and mosques throughout Malaysia. She has travelled internationally to recite Al Qur’an in numerous countries including Brunei, Indonesia, Iran, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Austria and USA. She hosts “Akademi Al Quran”, “Kalam Suci”, “Kalamullah”, “Qari Junior”, “Tilawah Interaktif Al Quran” and “Tadbir Ringgit” Islamic TV programmes in Malaysia. Currently, she is the owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sharifahkhasif Production Sdn. Bhd., an Islamic media production house, which produces Qur’an learning materials, CDs and Islamic documentary programmes.‬